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+44 (0)1483 227570

New website coming soon

+44 (0)1483 227570

The specialist procurement, distributor & integrator outsourcing service for the military, aerospace, defence and electronics industries.

Providing substantial procurement cost savings and process efficiencies to increase profitability and competitiveness.

Specialist procurement outsourcing

Obsolescence & Electronics

Offering comprehensive Electronic solutions from line stop shortages through to full turnkey solutions.

Office consumables

Helping the office run smoothly and efficiently by procuring everything needed for business from pens and stationery to equipment and furniture

Fit outs

Procuring the complete package of fit out solutions for essential buildings such as warehouses, hangers, Naafis and offices


Managing Transaction Procurement and Contracted Procurement for all metal requirements.

Ground support

Managing transaction procurement and competitive tenders for capital equipment such as workstation platforms, hydraulic jacks, tow vehicles and transporters.

Polymers & Composites

Procurement of complete aircraft sealing solutions for flex, fire, fuel, airflow and aerodynamics


Storage and direct supply of standard and dangerous goods including of paints, acids, oils lubricants, greases and tapes.

Parts supply chain

Procuring and supplying a direct line feed of Military and Civil aircraft parts for Design, Manufacture, Assembly and MRO

Aircraft on ground

Procuring and delivery urgently required parts to get aircraft back into service fast.