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Developing sales and marketing opportunities for sustained business growth

  • Direct Sales & Marketing Outsourcing (DSMO) is a growing and increasingly popular way for companies to develop greater volumes of sales for their products or services, by using a third party
  • This is an ideal solution when launching new innovations into the marketplace or providing existing products or services with the opportunity to expand and become more competitive
  • Some designers, engineers and manufacturers need specialist skills in market identification and closing transactions in both local and overseas markets
  • With our MADE Launcher service the complete direct sales and marketing responsibility is undertaken by us. We already employ the required people and can go to market with rapid action, superb skills and deep aerospace industry knowledge
  • This removes the employment risk for you and ensures a quick market entry allowing you to respond to short-term opportunities or competitor activity
  • The DSMO team is 100% focused on the project and allows for a company to turn sales resource on and off quickly
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Our MADE Launcher DSMO service provides specialist skills and expertise in the following areas:

  • Direct Sales and Market Education
  • Complete Appointment Setting and Meeting Attendance
  • Provide ongoing Customer Services
  • Tactical Activity and Long-Term Strategic Support
  • Direct Mail and e-mail marketing
  • Event Management
  • On line and Social media marketing
  • Content creation – blogs, press releases, invitations, etc.
  • Marketing research
  • Report creation
  • Account Development
  • Order Processing
  • Our Launcher DSMO team can be assembled and working for you within a matter of days, freeing you from the hassle and headaches of building an internal sales


  • Provides a flexible team with a wide variety of skills & expertise
  • Increases the opportunity of winning more sales contracts
  • Allows businesses to react quickly to changing market conditions
  • Delivers immediate commercial clout without the long- term overheads involved with an in-house team
  • Minimises costs associated with the maintenance of your sales & marketing team
  • Reduces ongoing overheads in comparison to the cost of running a full-time sales & marketing team
  • Low-cost, low-risk way to employ additional resource without the normal employment constraints