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Procurement Outsourcing

What Are the Benefits of Procurement Outsourcing?

  • Helps CPO’s manage business growth more effectively.
  • Increases operational profits through lower-cost service delivery solutions.
  • Ensures more cash contributed to profits by:
    • saving an average of 20% on product purchases.
    • increasing efficiency of process.
  • Frees up space and allows skilled staff to focus on business growth.
  • Bulk purchase benefits creates significant cost savings.
  • Delivers improvements in quality and lead time performance.

 How Does Procurement Outsourcing Deliver Cost Efficiencies?

  • Procurement outsourcing reduces operational costs and improves process efficiencies by:
    • Delivering economies of scale on all purchases.
    • Completing and monitoring supplier contract & performance terms.
    • Improving ability to handle capacity fluctuations.
    • Providing single supplier source rather than managing hundreds.
    • Freeing time for staff to focus energies on revenue generating activities.
    • Managing agreed quality “Policy and Release” requirements.


Our MADE Procurement Outsourcing Services

  • Air Parts offers a comprehensive procurement outsourcing service that includes:
    • Tactical price negotiations.
    • Alternative supplier analysis.
    • Contracting with preferred suppliers.
    • Managing competitive tenders and reversed auctions.
    • Managing schedule adherence targets.
    • Prioritising lead time requirements.
    • Managing and controlling quality and release requirements.
    • Completing traceability and supply logistics.
    • Providing warehouse storage of core items on location.
    • Delivering directly to required destinations.
    • Providing profit contribution reports every 6 months.